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Juliet’s coaching style is incredibly warm, with exemplary listening and empathy skills which I found to be very helpful as we explored personal topics in great detail. After only a few sessions I had a strong sense Juliet knew me better than I knew myself, but it was actually her ability to focus and develop my own thoughts to a new ‘lightbulb moment’ every week that I found so engaging. Juliet coaches with an authenticity and openness that I think provided me with the opportunity to learn a great deal about myself and answer some big questions.

The six sessions I undertook have been a turning point in my life and I still find myself hearing her coaching points within work and personal situations, enabling me to make continuous improvements in my life and keep challenging myself. I sincerely hope I will have the occasion to engage Juliet’s coaching skill in the future.

Project Director, Renewable Energy, UK

Juliet’s capacity to enter our relationship with empathy, to offer intelligent and sensitive insights into human behaviour, to reflect upon what has been said and always be positive, always constructive, to give practical and insightful feedback helped me enormously.

Her insightful understanding of my professional situation, of my relationships at work and dysfunctional management helped us to have transparent and honest conversations that were critical to help me understand both my mistakes and my qualities. It wasn’t an easy exercise especially at a time when I’d lost all my self-confidence. But Juliet’s benevolence, her gentle and well-paced approach, her recommendations for reading, methods and tools I could use, the exercises we did, helped me rebuild my self-confidence.

Head of Communications, Public Sector, France

I hired Juliet to help me when I was at a critical point in my career and was wondering if I should change direction.

She quickly picked up on my operating mode of self-deprecation, which was holding me back at work. I put myself down a lot, which resulted in a lot of stress and a loss of self-confidence. She helped me realise why I behaved in this way, to name my behaviours, and proposed simple exercises to help me break out of this pattern.

Juliet’s intuition and insight helped us quickly analyse my situation and key development areas I needed to focus on for my professional and personal fulfilment.

Each session boosted my energy and confidence, and I rediscovered the passion I have for my work. Four months later, I successfully found a new job which has changed my life.

Research Technician, Life Sciences, France