Connect with Your Personal Power

Whether you are preparing for your next role, rethinking your career, need a thinking partner during a challenging time, or are returning to work after a period of absence, coaching offers a safe, creative, and non-judgemental space where you can take the time to step back and reflect.

In this space, you are free to simply be and connect with your personal power.

Connected Coaching
I am specialised in relational coaching, an integrated approach that pays special attention to our interaction in the present. For relational coaches, it is in relationship that we learn and grow.

My coaching approach is founded on deep listening, inquiry, reflection and intuition. Where it is helpful to you, we can use creative work, tools, analysis, and reading to support your coaching journey.

Working together, here are some of the areas that we may collaborate upon:

  • Awareness: what patterns or limiting beliefs are holding you back
  • Perception: how do others experience you and why
  • Responsibility: what your role has been in creating challenges and issues
  • Resourcefulness: what creative and courageous solutions you can come up with
  • Sustainable change: what new attitudes or actions you can adopt

A Shared Journey
The coaching process, with your commitment, is a journey of transformation. It can be frustrating and exhilarating. There can be stuck moments and breakthrough moments. And whether you are looking to achieve specific goals or explore a more existential area, the outcomes for many can be unexpectedly powerful both professionally and personally.


Who Likes to Work with Me?

Based on my client work and experience, you may find it more valuable to work with me if you are:

  • A small business leader in need of a thinking partner
  • A virtual team leader who is juggling with distance and difference
  • A leader in an international organisation preparing for a new role in France
  • Going through a mid-career crisis or feeling stuck in your career
  • Returning to the workplace after a period of absence (illness, parental leave, sabbatical)

How Will We Work Together?
I offer a Discovery Meeting free of charge for both of us to determine if our working partnership could be helpful to you.

We will then work within a framework of a broad contract and of coaching ethics. As a relational coach, I adhere to the Ashridge Code of Conduct for Coaches.

Coaching contracts are typically 6-10 sessions of 1.5 hours depending on your needs.

Under the umbrella of our broad contract, we will also establish a ‘sessional contract’ at each meeting guided by what you want to achieve. Each session is a milestone on your coaching journey and allows the flexibility for new material to emerge.

I work face-to-face in your office if you are in the Paris area or by Skype for international clients. I am also available to travel in Europe upon prior agreement.

Let's Connect