Welcome to the coaching connection

How we connect with ourselves and with others has a powerful impact on both your growth at work and the growth of your business. And it is in our interactions and relationships that teams, communities and cultures are co-created and sustained.

Technology, shifting demographics, and volatile market dynamics are having a profound effect on how, where, when and with whom we work. As organisations become increasingly organic and social, it is no longer commanding and controlling but connecting that is the virtue of modern leaders.

Unlock the power of connection

My name is Juliet Atkinson. I am an executive coach and consultant and I help people unlock the power of connection with themselves and with others in the 21st century workplace. Where we connect is where the magic happens!

I am passionate about helping YOU to lead, grow, and flourish. I believe that we all can lead with authenticity, humanity, and wisdom. I am committed to helping individuals and teams to be true to themselves, fulfil their potential, and build effective relationships in a working world of ‘busyness’, change, complexity, and technology.

I work with large enterprises, small business leaders, and individuals. I am committed to your success and to delivering measureable business results. I also volunteer as a coach for a non-profit organisation in Paris.

You can expect someone who is insightful, sincere, sensitive and trustworthy who works in an environment of respect, empathy, and good humour.

I live in Paris and work in English and French; in person and online.


  • 20 years marketing, communications, sales operations
  • 5 years learning & development
  • International and virtual teams
  • Technology, consumer goods, consulting


  • Communications strategy
  • Employee engagement
  • Online/blended learning programmes
  • Leadership programmes
  • Change programmes


  • Ashridge Accredited Executive Coach
  • IFG Ecole de Coaching
  • BA (Hons) English Literature, Lancaster University


  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Sustainability