I believe that continuous learning is essential to keeping us fit, fresh, and relevant in the 21st century workplace. Learning helps you to nurture a growth mindset in your organisation.
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My sustainable learning model combines experience-based teaching, experiential and collaborative learning, and self-teaching. I offer courses both in-person and online to reflect the modern workplace and to demonstrate the power of tapping into our individual and collective intelligence. These courses focus on key skills such as empathy, curiosity, reflection, collaboration, creativity, and storytelling.

I am also available for bespoke team learning or coaching requests. Workshops are available in English and French.


Virtual and Vibrant!
Is the virtual workplace one where people, ideas, and relationships disappear into a vortex? After years of virtual working, why is it still seen as the poor relation of face-to-face? And why are we just not that good at it?

Leading and working virtually are skills in their own right, ones that we’re still learning. In this bespoke course, you will learn how to make friends with technology and experience the vibrant energy of connecting with people with different skills, backgrounds, and perspectives, across the globe.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Connect: Host and facilitate effective and enjoyable virtual meetings
  • Collaborate: Stay connected and build cooperative relationships
  • Innovate: Tap into the collective intelligence of communities and networks

Bespoke programme, available online.

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Your Leadership Story
How can you connect with who you are as a leader to connect with others? Whether you’re having coffee with a new recruit, writing an email to your team, or speaking at a conference, your story is the opportunity to connect on an emotional level. The story of you is why people follow you.

In this experiential and collaborative programme, you will learn more about you, your narrative and how to tell it from the heart.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Self-Awareness: Identify your leadership signature, understand how you are perceived
  • Leadership Moments: Craft authentic stories based on ‘critical moments’ in your career and life that can be told and retold
  • Storytelling: Develop your storytelling skills to connect with others and be memorable

Six-week online programme for 10-20 participants.

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Curious Conversations
The conversations and interactions that we have on a daily basis create what your organisation is. What if you were having conversations that fostered learning, cultivated relationships, and inspired ‘aha’ moments?

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In this powerful, highly experiential and interactive workshop you will learn how to have conversations based on curiosity, empathy, inquiry, and reflection. Experience the magic of connection!

Key Learning Areas:

  • Awareness: Become conscious of your creative potential
  • Connect: Learn how to listen with all your senses
  • Reflect: Take a step back, inquire with powerful questions
  • Innovate: Tap into the collective intelligence of the group

Two-day in-person workshop at an off-site venue for 12-16 participants.