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If you thought using video as part of your personal communications strategy sounded like a horror movie then think again! If you want to stand out from the crowd, grow a trusted personal brand and connect with others online then video is your friend. And with video on the rise as one of the most consumed mediums online, it’s time to get in front of the camera and ready for your close up.

1. A-List Your Personal Brand
In Social world, we’re dealing in the currency of trust. Video offers you the opportunity to build a trusted personal brand, create an emotional connection with your audience, and be memorable. With video you’re appealing to both eyes and ears. Show your face, speak your voice and people will remember you for all the right reasons. The key is to establish a human connection by being human. In my last blog I talked about vulnerability. You may feel vulnerable presenting on video. It is exactly this vulnerability and showing who you really are that will have an emotional impact on others and help you build a lasting connection.

Vloggers with a strong personal brand that are walking YouTube’s red carpet include Zoella and Jay Baer and are worth checking out as examples.

2. Video – The Rising Star
Video is the rapidly rising star of content consumed online. According to Cisco, video will account for a whopping 80-90% of consumer internet traffic online by 2019. You may be surprised to know that one minute of video is consumed as much as 1.8 million words online (Source: Forrester Research). Moreover, video is highly memorable - people retain 95% of a video message compared to a mere 10% when it is text (Source: Insivia - No 44). Video is a medium that is memorable and helps make you more memorable.

3. Your Film Crew
Nowadays, you don’t have to be Cecil B. DeMille nor do you need a Hollywood blockbuster budget to produce your own videos. You can be your own director, producer and wardrobe rolled into one. A smartphone or tablet is sufficient for filming (you can film yourself or get someone else to film you) and there are many simple editing tools available. I personally use Microsoft moviemaker, which is easy to use and free to download.

4. You’re the Main Character, What’s Your Story?
So you’re going to be the star of your video but what on earth are you going to talk about? We are all unique, with our own unique voice and our own story to tell.

The first question to ask yourself is what am I passionate about?
It’s important to deeply link your narrative with your personal brand: your values, who you are and what you represent (not what you do). The second question to ask yourself is how can I demonstrate value to my network? You want your network to interact with and ideally share your content (and further extend your reach). Think like a journalist. What is newsworthy? What is interesting? Tell a story that reflects your personal brand and keep your message simple.

Reading: Why Visual Storytelling is Taking Over the World by Bryan Kramer

5. Lights, Camera, Action!
Video is very versatile when it comes to producing immediate, easy to consume and shareable content. Here are some suggestions:

  • Share Top Tips or expertise
  • Share your views on a topic you are passionate about
  • Review an event, article or news story
  • Promote an event or series
  • Share an experience

Reading: 10 Ways to Use Video for Vibrant Personal Branding by William Arruda

It doesn’t have to be an Oscar winning performance but you do have star quality just by being yourself! The real authentic you.

Do you have experience of presenting or producing your own videos? Would be great to hear your experiences and any tips or ideas that you have.

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